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November 20, 2023

Plan Your Trip

Do you have questions you need answered before you book a trip to Unplug Cabins? Please read our short guide below.

What To Bring

  1. Your favorite device for connecting to our blazing-fast WiFi. We don’t have a TV to encourage outdoor time, but you can watch anything on your device(s) with our free, fast WiFi.
  2. A hoodie or sweatshirt to stay cozy for cooler temperatures
  3. Walking shoes or sandals you don’t mind getting dusty, especially if you walk into Cloudland Canyon State Park, which you can do from your cabin! Don’t want to walk into Cloudland Canyon State Park? No problem. Drive in with our free guest pass, located on the basket on the dining table.
  4. Bathing suits for the hot tub. We have towels in the cabin bathroom above the toilet.
  5. Wine, smores, firewood starter (or you can use a starter you find on the land), and firewood for the fire pit. We have a long lighter in the top drawer of the kitchenette
  6. Food for grilling on the patio outside (or inside on the hot plate) if you don’t want to eat out (Most guests that stay with us choose to eat out for most meals). Friendly reminder that we only have a mini fridge for food storage, so keep cooking simple so you don’t have many leftovers: think eggs/bacon, sandwiches, burgers/sausages, etc. You can cook or heat food on the hot plate inside (grab the pot inside the cabin, put your food inside the pot, and put the pot on the hot plate) or grill outside on the gas grill. We do not have a microwave. More on eating out and other food options in the What to Eat section below
  7. Whole coffee beans if you are a coffee snob and want to use the French Press. We have complimentary Keurig coffee in the cabin, but I know there are coffee nerds out there πŸ˜† (like Danny, one of the hosts of Unplug Cabins), so we have a coffee grinder, electric tea kettle, and French Press waiting for you. 😁 Our license doesn’t allow us to provide open food packages, so bring your whole coffee beans if you want to use the French Press, an excellent choice for slow mornings.

What To Do

  1. Chill – Get the best sleep you’ve had in a while, drink some wine, grill some burgers, lay around, frolic on the land, sleep in, drink coffee, roast smores in the fire pit, chill in the hot tub. We want you to reconnect with yourself and the land on this trip.
  2. Cloudland Canyon State Park – Hike the trails, see the waterfalls, enjoy a picnic, go caving, go mountain biking (Cloudland is the start of the new River to Clouds route!), go birding, go horseback riding – there are many options here. This is a friendly reminder that you can walk into Cloudland Canyon State Park from your cabin! The gate to the left of the driveway entrance is the old Cloudland Canyon State Park entrance. Walk past the gate and continue straight for 20 minutes. You’ll be on the main road, and then you’ll run into the central part of the park, which is where the big canyon is. Down the steps to the left leads you to the waterfalls! If you get stuck, feel free to ask someone a question. Everyone is really friendly. If you prefer to drive into the park, please use the free Cloudland Canyon State Park pass, which can be found in the basket on the dining table.
  3. Downtown Chattanooga – We are big foodies, and Chattanooga is excellent for food, coffee, and drinks. Don’t leave without trying Milk & Honey for breakfast or Main Street Meats for lunch or dinner.
  4. Lookout Mountain Flight Park. We highly recommend grabbing a bottle of wine and going to the top of the Flight Park for the views and to watch people jump off the cliff and hang glide with their flight instructor! Just type “Lookout Mountain Flight Park” in GPS to get there. But once you are done at the top, go to the Flight Park clubhouse at the bottom and watch people land + take off. Take your wine and sit on the bench in front of the clubhouse. The address to the clubhouse is 1838 Creek Road – look for the big open field.
  5. Lookout Lavender Farm – Book a trip to the lavender farm! Depending on the season, you might need to call them to book a private visit. Call Alice at 706-993-1145.
  6. If you’re a golfer, try McLemore Golf Club!
  7. Rosie Mae’s Alpaca farm. We hear this is fun.
  8. Mentone Alabama. It’s a cute town about 25 minutes away.
  9. Downtown Trenton is about 10 minutes away (at the bottom of the mountain). It has great places to eat, and there’s some good antique shopping as well.

Where To Eat Out (And Get Coffee & Drinks) Based On Proximity To Your Cabin

  1. The best food choices in Rising Fawn (where your cabin is) that are two minutes from your cabin are Lookout Mountain Pizza Company (get there when it opens at 5 PM, trust me), Cloudland Grill for lunch or dinner, and Canyon Quick Stop for wine. (Yes, it’s a gas station, but it has a fantastic selection of wine if you don’t bring your own. Lookout Mountain Pizza Company doesn’t allow you to buy to-go wine) Grab some pizzas at Lookout Mountain Pizza Company, grab some wine, start a fire in the fire pit, and relax on the patio. It’s a great way to spend an evening, especially your first night.
  2. The best food choices in Trenton, about a 10-minute drive from your cabin, are Corner Coffee (for breakfast and lunch), Uncle Lar’s Outpost (buy a sandwich and a gun, ha!), Thatcher’s Barbeque, Los 3 Amigos (Mexican), and Lalito’s (Mexican).
  3. The best food, coffee, and drink choices for Unplug Cabins are in Chattanooga, a 25-minute drive from your cabin. The best breakfast in Chattanooga is Milk & Honey. The best lunch and dinner is Main Street Meats. Milk & Honey has excellent coffee, but if you’re a coffee snob, try Velo Coffee Roasters and Mad Priest Coffee Roasters.

Pro tips:

  1. Remember, your cabin is in Rising Fawn on Lookout Mountain. Trenton is 10 minutes away at the bottom of the mountain, and Chattanooga is 25 minutes from your cabin. If you go to Chattanooga, try to plan your entire day around the trip so you don’t have to go up and down the mountain too many times.
  2. Make Lookout Mountain Flight Park a part of your trip. And do some walking inside of Cloudland Canyon State Park.
  3. We have complimentary breakfast bars and snacks inside the basket on the dining table. Please help yourself.

Do you have any questions that we haven’t answered? Please email us at and let us know! We’re happy to answer any other questions before you book.

Your hosts, Danny & Lana

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